Faith Formation

 Small Groups 



Make your own group of 2-12 people (non-FLC friends welcome!)


Study what you want

  • Come up with your own plan

  • Come up with your own idea and we’ll help with specific resources

  • Look at our list of suggestions and discuss a specific plan with a pastor


Minimum Requirements: During the school year meet every month for discussion and prayer, plus meet 1 extra time that is just social and 1 extra time to do a service project together.


Pick a leader to be the contact with a pastor, and to communicate with your group about meeting times and places (Doesn’t have to know everything or lead the discussion!)


If you need childcare and don’t know who to ask, let us know and we can ask our youth!


Once you have your small group put together, please contact Pastor Rachel to let her know!


















Ideas for Your Small Group Conversations



Book studies: Read a book to discuss each month

  • Faith topics like grief, faith in our daily lives, or faith memoirs

  • Social topics like racism, poverty, or justice

  • Bible based: more in depth look at books of the Bible at the same time as we cover them in worship

  • The meaning of life, our sense of purpose

  • Parenting & families


Animate DVD & discussion guide available in the FLC library

    Great videos on topics about the Bible led by speakers such as Will Willimon, Nadia Bolz-Weber, and Rachel Held Evans


Bible Studies

  • Gather Magazine: monthly publication that features a particular Bible story and articles about it.

  • Pick a text that we covered in worship that month and discuss it more in depth

  • Pick one book of the Bible and really study it well (or two!)


Movie Nights

    Watch a movie with Christian themes (overt or subtle) and discuss






Ask group for things to pray for and write them down. Take the time needed to do this and hear what’s going on with each other.


Pick someone (or a few people) to pray – try to mix it up. Praying out loud like this is vulnerable and new, but we are all in the same boat, so go for it!


Pray for the Holy Spirit to be among you, for the specific things people had said, thank God for God’s healing presence, and end with Amen 

Ideas for Service


Volunteer at any of our local organizations together


Bring flowers to each resident at a nursing home


Bring coffee & treats to people as a thank you: Police, Fire, Teachers, City Workers


Ask FLC if there are any elderly folks in their homes who need yard work done


Participate in an FLC service event together: highway cleanup, Christmas at Our House