Our Mission:  Opening doors to Christ by promoting the Spiritual, Physical and Mental Health of all members of First Lutheran Church and our Community.  

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Denise Gaard, Parish Nurse




†  Blood Pressure Checks  

Sunday June 18th,  9:30-10:15

Church Office


† Blood Drive  June 4, 2017  7:45 AM to 12:00 PM   

  United Blood Services Blood Mobile will be present in the FLC Parking Lot June 4th for blood donations.  To make an appointment to donate blood, contact Denise Gaard at 847-5656 or go online to www.bloodhero.com, sponsor code:  dlfirst.  Find the hero in you!  Please consider donating!


†   Grief  Support Group Information  

First Lutheran is providing information regarding two local agencies that offer excellent grief support.  They are Hospice of the Red River Valley (HRRV) and David Donehower Funeral Home.  The Caring Cup support group at David Donehower meets every 2nd and last Wednesday of the each month.  For more information on The Caring Cup call 218-847-4147.  For more information and program schedules at HRRV call 800-237-4629.  You can also contact Denise, Parish Nurse for any needs or more information regarding grief and loss at the church office.


†  Visitation Ministry  

Are you interested in spending a little time each month easing someone’s loneliness, reading scripture with someone or just providing a listening ear?

For more information on this ministry please contact Denise at 847-5656 or email denise@firstlutheranchurch.com

†   Prayer Shawl Ministry   

Prayer Shawls are made by members of First Lutheran Church as a gift of love to the recipient.  The shawl is meant to symbolize the love and embrace of God. Each shawl has been lovingly made and prayed over for someone going through a difficult time.  It is hoped that the use of the prayer shawl will bring comfort and blessing.

For more information on this ministry or if you are interested in making a prayer shawl please contact Denise at 847-5656 or email denise@firstlutheranchurch.com

†  Mondays 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM   Morning Out Program  

Every Monday First Lutheran Church Library

For People with Alzheimer’s or a Dementia related Disease

For more information, call Lutheran Social Services @ 847-0629 or the church office @                   218-847-5656

† First Lutheran Church Health Ministry Team

The FLC Health Ministry Team is a group of people who are passionate about the physical, mental and spiritual health of our congregation and community.  The meetings are held every 2-3 months.  If you are interested in being a part of this group please call Denise @ 847-5656 or email denise@firstlutheranchurch.com



PH-logo-1A licensed Registered Nurse who: Integrates faith and health practices by communicating and collaborating with other ministries in the church to meet the faith and health needs of the congregation.

Provides Health Education…

By supplying health information through a variety of resources

Becomes a personal health counselor…

When discussing health concerns with parishioners where they are living, recovering or in other settings

Is a referral agent…

Networking within the church and community to assist parishioners to gain access to appropriate resources and services

The Parish Health Ministry and Parish Nurse do not replace medical care, pastoral care, home health or community health nursing.  Direct care is not provided.  All concerns and information shared by members are held in confidence.

Personal Visits

  • Home
  • Phone
  • Hospital
  • Nursing Home

Blood Pressure Screening

Once each month(Check Newsletter for date)

Other times by parishioner request

Health Advocate

Assist with referrals

Provide spiritual support

Health Education

Instrumental in providing information on health topics. Forums on other topics of spiritual, emotional, and physical health offered on an occasional basis.

Visitation Ministry

Meeting spiritual needs of home bound members by being a listening presence with a heart of compassion.