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FLC Foundation Scholarship Application– Revision Oct. 26, 2014
To claim your awarded scholarship:
When you have completed the required 12 credits of post secondary schooling, you must notify the First Lutheran Foundation as indicated below. We are required to send the scholarship funds directly to the business office of your school for credit to your account. When claiming these funds, please drop off, mail, or e-mail the following information to the First Lutheran Church business office– attention the First Lutheran Foundation.

  • Copy of transcript(s) showing completion of necessary education
  • School to which to remit the funds
  • Student ID Number
  • Your mailing address
  • Your current e-mail address(es)
  • Parent’s e-mail address (if you would like them also notified of the payment)

Many colleges offer matching programs for outside scholarships their students receive.
This is well worth checking into at your school.
Again, congratulations, and all the best in your future education.